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Alessia Sotira

Property Manager

When it comes to motivation and work ethic, few embody the ambitious, go-getting attitude as Alessia Sotira. Working in hospitality from an early age , entrusted with a variety of leadership roles throughout her private schooling, and an avid soccer and netball player, ice-skater and dancer — it’s no surprise that Alessia has a stella career in real estate.

With a delightful presence, charming people skills, and natural enthusiasm, Alessia brings a welcome and refreshing energy to Ray White St Peters property management department. Able to build positive relationships quickly and easily coupled with a warm yet assertive honesty, she provides that perfect point of contact and middle ground between landlord and tenant.

Operating beneath this sociable, kind and helpful exterior is also a very methodical and structured approach to work responsibilities displaying a maturity beyond Alessia’s years.

“I like to take one day at a time and tackle challenges as they come,” she says. “Staying in the present moment, while being prepared and organised in life mitigates a lot of unforeseeable problems in the future I feel.”

Such level-headedness is well-suited to property management where there is a constant and often long-term balance between ensuring property owners’ expectations are continually satisfied, while also providing a safe and comfortable home for tenants to live in.

Alessia loves working within a team environment, as well as enjoying the independence and responsibility of solving real day-to-day problems, making her future with Ray White St Peters a long one.