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Tyleah Bolland

Property Manager

A thoughtful and empathic person by nature, Tyleah Bolland strikes that ideal blend of compassion, competence and friendly professionalism. Perfectly suited to the world of real estate, and poised with a bright and bubbly attitude, Tyleah feels right at home in an industry dependent on helping people
whether co-workers, clients or tenants.

With six-years in customer service experience across both the retail and office administration environments, appreciating the importance of timely communication, assertiveness and approachability are all familiar elements of Tyleah’s wheelhouse.

“What is most important to me is ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be heard. People work best when they feel like their needs are being understood and considered,” she says, fully aware that although a rental property is often an investment for someone, it’s also very much a memory-making home for someone else.

Passionate about personal growth and development, Tyleah welcomes her start in real estate as a Property Manager and is eager to build crucial foundation skills and experience vital to this thriving and in-demand area.