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Welcome to Ray White St Peters, where we offer exclusive access to pre-sale properties before they hit the market. Our Pre-Sale and Just Hit the Market Sales page is your gateway to discovering hidden gems and securing your dream home or investment property before it’s publicly available. Please fill out the form below.

Why Pre-Sale Matters: Imagine being the first to know about a property that perfectly matches your criteria. With our pre-sale notifications, you’ll have the opportunity to explore properties before they’re listed on the market, giving you a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced real estate landscape.

Off-Market Sales: Some vendors prefer to sell their properties off-market, keeping them discreetly listed to a select group of buyers. This approach allows for a more controlled selling process, offering privacy and exclusivity to both sellers and buyers. Being notified about off-market sales gives you the chance to discover hidden opportunities and secure properties that may not be available to the general public.

Why Some Vendors Choose Off-Market Sales: Privacy: Off-market sales provide sellers with the discretion they desire, allowing them to maintain privacy throughout the selling process.

  • Exclusivity: By limiting exposure to a select group of buyers, vendors can create a sense of exclusivity and generate more interest in their property.
  • Controlled Selling Process: Off-market sales offer vendors greater control over the selling process, allowing them to set terms and negotiate offers without the pressure of public scrutiny.

The Auction Advantage: While off-market sales offer a level of exclusivity, the surefire way to sell your property for maximum price and optimal exposure is through an auction. Auctions create a competitive environment where buyers actively bid against each other, driving up the sale price and ensuring a transparent and efficient selling process.

How to Access Pre-Sale Opportunities: Sign up for our pre-sale notifications to be the first to know about exclusive properties before they hit the market. Simply fill out the digital form below to receive alerts. 

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